The Haven Family Center

Our Story


For years I could never find a place to just enjoy my pastimes, meet a client or potential business partner or just relax away from home. Restaurants have a time limit and are noisy, libraries are too quiet and gyms are too big. I wanted something small and cozy. I want to exercise with a small group. Enjoy a special meal in a relaxed garden. I needed a Haven. So, that is what we have. Come and check it out. It took over a year for my Husband, a few friends and myself to renovate it, with our own resources and this labor of love is almost complete.  
Now, we not only hold all of the classes and activities for SINCERE Ministries, we host numerous events for the community.  In the Spring, we'll be planting a learning garden as well and adding wellness cooking classes to our resources.  Visit our Website thehavenfamilycenter 
A healthy community is the beginning of a changed world.