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Hiding Place



Hiding Place


For anyone, male or female, that has endured the pain of being raped, molested, emasculated or bullied into an identity crisis, God is able to heal you completely. Our desire is to move beyond awareness to healing and empowerment by the Word of God. We start in February with weekly online sessions based on the book "Ravaged Relentlessly: Biblical Help for Those Overcoming Sexual Crime."



The format is simplistic:

  1. We meet once a week online on Wednesdays at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm or 4:00 pm EST. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Just listen in and type your questions and comments onto the screen. Your name does not appear or your picture, only the host. We will be using the Facebook, YouTube and Zoom platforms. Select the one you prefer.

  2. We will even have special guests from all areas of life to walk with us on this journey, including licensed Christian Counselors, Advocates and Artists. 

  3. We use four books from our SINCERE library: "No Praise In The Grave", "The Prayer Pact", "Think On These Things" and "Ravaged Relentlessly"

  4. We engage in special activities that help us to improve our focus, our health, our prayer life and our witness for Christ. 

  5. We ask that you remain in the program for each of the  sessions. 

  6. Donations of any amount are welcomed, but not required to participate.


Horama Business Solutions





Horama Business Solutions is a resource sharing program for Christian Entrepreneurs.  The word Horama is Greek for " Dream"  Our dream is to help your realize your dream."

Training Business Owners for greater success and excellence is one of the many ways that we help our Members.  We hold these trainings every first Saturday of the month for Members as well as the public.  

The class cycle repeats in the year, so if you miss a class, be sure to sign up for the next one.  

Be sure register on our website to be updated to the next cycle of classes.


Whole and Well



If you have ever battled with a major illness or watched a loved one suffer, you need to come to this very special session. This class is offered on Thursdays for 4, six-week sessions at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm EST. It is a Bible-based, reset program to help you get your health back.

  • Biblical Guidance for Healthy Living.

  • Practical ways to improve wellness.

  • Natural solutions to aid recovery from sickness and disorders including autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes, infertility, depression and more.

  • Simple methods to cleanse your body of toxins from medicines, processed food and other pollutants.

  • Group endeavor ensures success...why do it alone?

  • A Special focus on reproductive health will be addressed.


This is not a promise of a cure for diseases, but a sharing of information that can help you become healthy naturally. Be sure to bring your Bible.

  • Throughout the Summer, we have weekly System Optimizing Suppers or, S.O.S. meals. Each event presents a 5 course meal, demonstrations and shared information to help the systems of your body become strong enough to fight off the diseases that attack them.

  • Coming soon, we will offer pre-made meals that are balanced, nutrient dense and free from aluminum, chemicals and microwave residues.


The AEsther Project

The AEsther Project


Preparing for marriage is a little more involved than just filling a hope chest with beautiful wedding ideas.  It is a time to get your body in tune with your mind, clearing out the excess and learning to have an open spirit.

So much material is available to help you to be "happy in your singleness";  But what if you really want to be married? If that is your position, then you must be prepared.  We have learned from the Lord, that being unprepared is unwise.  Marriage success is taught, not guessed or stumbled upon.

Titus 2:4-5 reads "4 These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, 5 to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God."

We invite you to join one of most exciting programs.  It will take a year, similar to what Queen Esther was required to participate in, but we are going beyond oil and perfume.  A Queen must be strong and wise, yet have a sweet, fragrant spirit, a healthy body and a beautiful mind.    

We are pleased to offer you a chance to enter into our newest Discipleship Program:

The AEsther Project

Forging the 'Aesthetics' of Life, with the principles of a Godly Queen.

Every week we will prayerfully guide you through Scripture until you are transformed. Monthly we invite you to join us for a hands-on demonstration. Daily we pray over you and are available for you if you need us.  This is not 'Finishing School', but when you are finished, you will be truly ready to receive the anointing of a Godly wife. 

A team of Godly women will help you gain a better sense of

  • Who you are to be as a wife. 

  • How to care for your body, including your hair, skin and weight. 

  • How to recover from the wounds that tend to linger inside of us. 

  • What 'Courtship' is for a true lady.

  • How to pray for and not just about your future husband.

  • How to manage money and time.

  • How keep a Godly home including cooking healthier to keep your family strong.

  • How to handle attacks on your relationship.

The best way to get ready for your future 'King', is to learn your position as a Queen. Jesus is the King of Kings and we need you to reign as a Godly Queen to shine light in this dark and hopeless world. 

It is best to prepare before you are in a committed relationship, however, if you are engaged, you may still join us.  One hour per week is all we need by video or in person, but you must register.  The free monthly gathering will be approximately 2 hours, time TBD.  

The tuition fee of $150.00 for each 6 week session, which you may submit online or in person. (Note: The monthly group sessions are Free.) The textbook for this program is called "Intended. (A Guided Journey Out of Singleness).  Please order the E-Book as soon as you register. (Just click to order)

Are you ready?

This special discipleship program consists of 4, six-week sessions.  We meet on Fridays at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Sessions are recorded for your convenience.  Schedule details will be provided at registration.

OASIS Clergy Group






The OASIS Group is a vision the Lord God gave to us to bless men and women who serve in the office of ministry. It is a time of refuge, fellowship, instruction and guidance. The word "OASIS" represents our mission:


The Order of Anointed, Surrendered, Individual Servants™


Together we search the Scriptures for ways to better help each other to become more excellent in ministry. With weekly online sessions and monthly gatherings, we cover each other in prayer and help each other to thrive in Christ as we give ourselves to help a lost world find the Way. With the help of seasoned Ministers and Christian Professionals, you will hone your professional skills, develop your study practices, gain access to ministry opportunities and learn to manage the work of the ministry. All this in a relaxed environment where you will be able to be open.


If you are a Minister, or believe the Lord God is calling you into the ministry, join us. This includes specialties of ministry such as Teachers, Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists and Youth Leaders. The wilderness is a place we all go through, but an oasis is the provision the Lord graces to us while we are there. Let's find that place in God, together. 

The format is simplistic:

  1. We meet once a week for 6 week sessions in person and online on Tuesdays at 10:00 am. 1:00 pm and 4 :00pm EST.  Online platforms include YouTubeFacebook and Zoom.  Each session is recorded. 

  2. We will even, periodically, have special guests from all areas of life to walk with us on this journey. This includes experienced and renown Generals in the Army of the Lord, who will impart to you a Word in season. 

  3. We use three books from our SINCERE library: "No Praise In The Grave", "The Prayer Pact" and "Ravaged Relentlessly"

  4. We engage in special activities that help us to improve our focus, our health, our prayer life and our witness for Christ. 

  5. We ask that you remain in the program for the entire 6 weeks. 

  6. There is a tuition amount of $150.00 that is mandatory for participation.

Whether you have been in ministry for years or are just responding to the call of God, this is the place you need to be to keep your life in balance.