Ravaged Relentlessly: Biblical Help For Those Overcoming Sexual Crime by Kesha Lee Gore


Ravaged Relentlessly is a message to nullify the effects of sexual crime. The Lord knows that most victims won't openly ask for help. With the message He provides, anyone can get the help they need with dignity, leaving their anonymity in place. This is an exhortation for those who truly want healing, not just closure. In this book you will discover: That you are not alone. Answers from the Holy Bible to your secret questions.How to open up to believe for your heart to be healed of brokenness.Direction for how to embrace your true self and enjoy your life again. Encouraging prayers to help strengthen your spirit to believe the Lord God for anything. That God cares about you and wants to help you. Whether you read this book for yourself or for someone you care about, let the words of life inside these pages allow you to understand just how God feels about sexual crime and what He desires to do for you.

Also available in E-Book format.